Zefanias Matsimbe has over 20 years of professional experience in electoral cycle support, working mainly in capacity building of electoral management bodies (EMBs) in Africa through coaching and facilitation of different electoral activities in the three phases of the electoral cycle. He is a Senior Accredited Facilitator of LEAD (http://www.eces.eu/lead-background/) an ECES (European Centre for Electoral Support) curriculum aimed at assisting EMB in raising capacities in-house and also improving their external relations and communication strategy with different electoral stakeholders. In 2018 and 2019 he worked as ECES Senior Electoral Advisor to support of the South African Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) to deliver the successful 2019 elections. He is also an Accrediting Facilitator for BRIDGE (Building Resources in Democracy Governance and Elections) an international curriculum crafted used as a tool within a broader capacity development of different electoral stakeholders.

While working for EISA (Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Africa) as Senior Electoral Adviser in the last 15 years he gained relevant experience in supporting EMBs, CSOs, Media and Political Parties. EISA strives for excellence in the promotion of credible elections, citizen participation and strong political institutions for sustainable democracy in Africa.

Matsimbe holds a PhD Degree in Political Science (University of Pretoria) and he is a Senior Lecturer and researcher on electoral studies, voting behaviour, intra and inter-party development, electoral dispute resolution, electoral systems, money and politics. He keeps a continuous link with the UP through collaboration through the Center for the Study of Governance Innovation in research projects.