Franck Balme (France) is an election expert, a specialist in providing targeted support and specialised assistance to domestic observer groups and civil society organisations and in establishing networks of domestic observation groups.  Mr. Balme  is an International Law Graduate and has two MAs in International Law and International Management. In addition, he  is a specialist in electoral observation and electoral technical assistance. Over the past thirteen years, Mr. Balme has acquired experience in a large number of ACP countries, including post-conflict scenarios (such as Afghanistan and DRC), through appointments in UN, CoE, IFES, IOM and EU missions.  Overall Mr. Balme has participated in more than 25 electoral missions with responsibilities in field coordination, training delivery and management, especially in EU EOMs. His in-country experience includes Cambodia (2008), Nepal (2008 & 2002), Kosovo (2007), Mauritania (2007), RDC (2006), Haiti (2006), Ethiopia (2005), Afghanistan (2003-2004), Nigeria (2003), Kenya (2002-2003), Timor Leste (2001-2002), Ivory Coast (2000), Tanzania (2000). Recently Mr Balme was the Domestics Observers and Regional Network coordinator for the Brussels-based NEEDS project, a position he held from 2008-2012. . He is fluent in French and English and has professional proficiency in Spanish. He is an active member of the ACE Electoral Knowledge practitioners' network and a semi-accredited BRIDGE facilitator. Franck Balme is co-author of the article: “The evolution of Election Observation in the EU: From fraud prevention to Democracy support” published in “Integrity of Elections: Role of Regional Organisations”, International IDEA, December 2012. He also co-authored  the article “Citizen Election Observation Towards a New Era” in “Election Law Journal: Rules, Politics, and Policy”, March 2013.